1. How to open a wholesale account?
Orders can be placed by the following ways, and we can be reached 24-7. Please refer to the item number when placing the orders. • Call our office at 626.278.8186 • Fax us at 951.603.0577 • Order through our website • Email Us at
2. What is the minimum order for wholesales?
For new wholesale customers, we need a copy of your seller's permit to be faxed to us before you can place an order. First time wholesale order has to be paid either by a credit card or prepaid by a check or cash. A 30 days term may be issued upon a credit approval. Please fax over a credit reference sheet to apply for a net 30 account.
3. What is the minimum order for wholesales?
For Art Tiles, the minimum order is $150. For the garden décor line is $250.
4. How is the tile packed? Is the package insured?
All tiles are individually packed with custom fitted foams. Bubble wraps and peanuts are used to reduce the chance of damage during transit. And all packages are insured.
5. What to do if the package is damaged?
If you find out any damage to our products due to the transit, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will file the claim for you. (Please note, crazing is not considered damage due to transit.) You need to keep the damaged products for 10 business days in case the carriers want inspection. In most cases, you may discard the damaged products afterward.
6. How is freight calculated?
All freight couriers base charges by weight of shipment in combination with distance of delivery. For orders less than $1000.00 we usually ship them via FedEx Ground. For orders value more than $1,000.00, we can ship them via trucking companies. We can also use your own shipping accounts, and no extra charges will be added to your order.
7. Can tiles be used as trivets (hotplate)? Can the tabletops take the heat?
Yes. High temperatures will not affect the tiles. But keep in mind of normal wear on raised edges. For tables we apply an additional layer of clear glaze, so make them more durable for normal wear on raised edges.
8. Can I put food directly on tile surface or use it as a spoon rest?
No, since the tiles are low fired, it may contain certain chemicals that are not recommended to be contacted directly with food.
9. Can I use the tile as stepping stones?
You need to consult your contractor to see if they can level the surface of the floor flat enough to incorporate the tiles as stepping stones.
10. What is our return policy?
Any claims must be made within 30 days. If the return is a result of our error or product defects, you will get the full refund, and we will pay for the return shipping. Please note, crazing on tiles are not defects. See below for details about crazing. If the return is not a result of our fault, a 25% restocking fee is required for all return orders. 
11. What is our exchange policy?
All orders can be exchange within 30 days of purchase except promotional items. However, you are responsible for the shipping costs.
12. How to pack return or exchange products?
All return or exchange products need to be packed with the original packing materials including the foam, bubble wrap, and peanuts. Customers are responsible for filing the claims for compensation if the returning or exchanging products are damaged during transit.
13. What is crazing?
Crazing occurs when the clay body layer and the glaze layer cool and contract at different rates. This is a common effect that happens in the making of this type of ceramic product. As a result, hairline crackling can form beneath the surface of the tile. This is a design feature, which makes each piece unique and distinctive unto themselves. Crazing occurs randomly, some tiles have it, and others do not even with the same design. Some designs tend to have more crazing than others depending on the type of design and color. There are many factors affect the appearance of crazing during the firing process, such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any particular design free of crazing. Most people do not mind about the crazing because the thin hairline can barely be noticed, and most importantly they understand the hand-made nature of each tile. No return will be issued on crazing tiles.
14. Can the tiles be installed/incorporated into a construction/remodel project?
Yes. The tiles can be mounted inside or outside once the backing has been removed safely by submerging the entire tile under water for a period of 12-24 hours will remove. The multi-tile works do not come with the hard-board backing, which can be mounted directly onto the wall surface.
15. Custom designs?
For retail custom designs, we charge a onetime design fee of $250.00 plus the cost of the tiles. The whole process from design to actually make the tiles usually takes 3 to 6 months. If you are interested putting your own designs on tile, please e-mail the picture in JPG format to us with detail instructions of what you want and how you want it. For wholesale custom designs, we charge a onetime design fee of $250.00 if the order is less than 48 pieces. For orders more than 48 pieces, the design fee will be deducted from your total order amount. Please allow 3-6 months for the whole process.