We are offering the unique hand painted ceramic arts including art tiles, tile murals, vases, plates, and table sets. Each product available on this site was hand crafted, hand glazed, and kiln fired to show the most vibrant colors of ceramic arts.

Due to the slow firing and cooling nature of the process, our products can take sunlight, moisture, stain, heat, and the color will remain the same. This superior durability makes them great for applications such as hotplates as well as both indoor and outdoor display.

For convenience, the art tiles come with backings which enable them to stand by themselves like picture frames or be hung on the wall with a nail (see below for picture illustrations).

For people that want to permanently mount the tiles, the backings of the tiles can be easily removed by soaking them in water overnight. Due to the durable nature of the tiles, they can also be used as hotplates, table tops, and counter-tops.

In addition, the tiles can be easily cleaned with water or Windex, therefore, many of our customers hang the tiles behind their stoves, incorporate the tiles as backsplashes, and sprinkle the tiles on their shower walls. Most importantly, our studio offers over hundreds of designs from original paintings to reproduction of master pieces that will bring out the best in your home décor.

About the Artist

Ping’s Studio was founded in 2003, and has since established a nationwide reputation for supplying hand painted ceramic arts of the highest quality. Most of the art designs are originally created by Ping, who with more than ten years of watercolor and photography experience. All works are started with a sketch on paper, later filled with watercolors to see the effect. A specially designed “Bubble pen” was used to create the 3-D raising details, through which liquid form of ceramic being piped on to the unfired clay surface. The ridges that are created by the piping process become barriers between colors during the glazing process as well as helping to achieve a more defined image after the firing.